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Retrocession is defined as the sale of medication to out-patients by French hospitals. The goal is to meet the public health need, allowing outpatients access to medication otherwise non-accessible in city pharmacies (with some exceptions known as dual circuit).

The Bonifacio Hospital internal pharmacy is the only point of retrocession in the far south.


  • Retrocession is done solely at the pharmacy desk located in the basement of the facility, which is demarcated with arrows from the entrance hall.
  • If you need to collect medication, it is best to call at your earliest convenience in order to ensure product availability.
  • The BONIFACIO hospital pharmacy is open to the public from Monday to Friday throughout the day from 9am to 4pm.
  • You are required to bring your “vitale” card together with your insurance card, as well as your original valid prescription (a fax or photocopy is not considered original). For certain medication, your initial hospital prescription will be required.
  • Hospital dispensation follows the same rules as medication dispensation of city pharmacies. An amount of medication corresponding to 4 weeks of treatment cannot be issued at one time.