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Medical imaging

The Hospital’s technical platform for medical radiology consists of:

  • An ultrasound machine 2D / 3D / 4D with ENDO-cavity and surface volume probes
    • This scanner allows for all types of obstetric ultrasounds (pregnancy monitoring, etc.), breast ultrasound exams with a specific 3D / 4D probe, and all types of general and Doppler ultrasounds.
  • A digital mammography machine
    • This machine allows for digital quality mammography examination.
  • A conventional remote controlled radiology table
    • This machine allows for all conventional general radiology examinations.
  • A panoramic dental X-ray machine
    • This machine allows for dental panoramas (orthodontic assessment, etc.).
  • A whole body counter for scoliosis and lower limbs report with integrated software that allows reconstruction and telemetry.
    • This whole body counter allows full spinal X-ray (scoliosis report, etc.), examinations of the lower limbs (in full).


The facility is composed of a multidisciplinary team of technicians in electro-radiology, a midwife specialising in obstetric ultrasound, radiologists and medical sonographers in the medical imaging department.


The Hospital has a telemedicine and tele-expertise system that can transmit any DICOM medical imaging test to (or from) the specialised department and doctors of Corsica and the mainland.


The radiology department is open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm for hospitalised patients or for un services ingsBonifacio Hospitalment..D RESIDENTS)r of the building, consists of 30 roomsplanned care services as well as for outpatients with a medical imaging prescription.

July and August: 8am – 8pm


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