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Centre Hospitalier de Bonifacio


A Urology Consultation has been set up at the Bonifacio Hospital in 2016 as part of the public hospital department of the region. Dr. Xavier Charpentier (Head of Department of Urology - Urological Oncology, Andrology of the Ajaccio HC) will conduct consultations in Urology. The first established consultation dates are: 10 March, 7 April, 12 May and 2 June 2016.


Bonifacio Hospital is a health and medical-social facility located in the far south of Corsica (department 2A of South Corsica).

The facility offers high-level care services to the inhabitants :

  • Medical Department
  • Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation Department
  • Long Term Care Unit
  • Nursing Home Care (Bonifacio)
  • Nursing Home Care (Porto-Vecchio)

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